About Us


Unmsqd Skincare is a natural skincare company with the goal to provide the best natural skincare for family and friends. Our products are safe for the whole family, with your little ones in mind.
Owner and founder, Jennifer Reeves is a single parent who believes truly in the value of providing the best for her loved ones. She started developing natural products for her son and herself after much disappointment and search for products that contains non harmful ingredients.
She is trained as a nurse, possessing a BSN, and went on to obtain her MBA with a goal always to launch her own business. With a professional background in the space of non- profit, social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity, she strongly believes in educating and advocating for natural product use within underrepresented communities. Eventually, with such strong interest in skincare, she went on to train as a licensed esthetician to further pursue her personal interest.

We try our best to do right by Mother Earth. All of our products are packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum tubes. Please be kind to our life-giver and recycle the container. Thank you!